Plan b West Hartford Contactless Menu

Contactless Menu

Weekly Specials

BURGER SPECIAL! Yellow Burger - 2 Beef pattys burger with cheddar cheese,sauteed onions,yellow mustard,lettue,tomato

Available for a limited time.


With seasonal toppings - 6.75

Jumbo homemade chocolate chip cookie, topped with three scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry - 6.75

Late Night Menu

Friday & Saturday ONLY (10PM – 12AM )

Fancy Fries (gf) – 4.29
Tater Tots (gf) – 4.29
Fresh Potato Chips (gf) – 4.29
Sweet Potato Fries (gf) – 4.29
Truffle Fries – 4.29
Parmesan Fries (gf) – 4.29

Happy Hour Menu

Weekdays 3PM – 6PM | In Bar Area Only | Does Not Apply To Carry Out

1/2 Priced Appetizers

Jalapeño Poppers (gf)
Firecracker Cauliflower
Buffalo Shrimp (gf)
Blue Chips (gf)
American Nachos (gf)
Chicken Tenders (gf)
Southern Sliders


Lots of Fries for $3
Disco Tots for $4

Mix & Match Minis

Make some friends, share a mini

All burgers served with cheese

1 for $3 • 3 for $7 • 6 for $13 • 10 for $20

All Natural Beef, All Natural Chicken, House-Made Veggie & All Natural Turkey

Happy Hour Drinks

$3 Local & Retro Drafts
$5 House Wine
$4 Bourbon Nip of the Week
$5 B-Berry, Benjamin Button & Older Fashioned


Draught List

Alvarium Galactic GluedINEIPA6.00%CT8.00
Miller LightLager4.20%IL3.50
Cisco Forever New England IPA5.40%MA6.50
Victory Sour MonkeySour9.50%PA9.00
Lyman Orchard CT CrispCider3.50%CT7.00
BackEast Czech MixPilsner4.90%CT7.50
Hog River RazztwizzlerSour5.50%CT8.00
Samuel Adams Winter LagerLager5.60%MA6.50
Hog River WarehousePilsner5.00%CT7.00
Hog River Dream CloudsIPA7.00%CT8.00
New Holland Dragon's MilkStout11.00%MI9.50
Victory Dirtwolf DIPA8.70%PA7.00
Black Hog Granola BrownBrown Ale5.70%CT8.00
Firefly Toad StoolStout5.60%CT7.00


KY Straight Bourbon

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Fighting CockT6 yrs1035.008.50
Wild Turkey 101RNAS1015.759.50
Rebel YellWNAS805.258.75
Maker's MarkWNAS906.2510.50
Maker's 46WNAS948.2513.75
Jim BeamR4 yrs805.509.00
Barrel Whiskey5yrs108.863050
Jim Beam BlackR8 yrs865.759.50
BulleitR6 yrs906.0010.00
Wild TurkeyRNAS815.509.00
Jim Beam Devil's CutRNAS905.759.50
Town Branch True CaskNAS108.17.5012.50
Four Roses YellowRNAS805.258.75
Old ForesterTNAS866.5010.50
Elijah Craig Barel Proof12 yrs120.81120

Single Barrel

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Four Roses SingleRNAS1008.5014.00
Evan Williams SingleT9+ yrs86.66.2510.50
Wild Turkey Kentucky SpiritT9 yrs1019.2515.50
Jim Beam SingleR6 yrs957.5012.50
Blanton6 yrs939.7513.50

Small Batch

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
EH Taylor B.I.B6yrs100812.75
Calumet 8 & 14 yrs868.7515.50
Michter's Small BatchRNAS91.41220
Four Roses Small BatchRNAS906.5011.00
Woodford ReserveRNAS90.46.2510.50
Knob CreekT9 yrs1007.5012.50
Wild Turkey Longbranch8 yrs86914
Basil Hayden'sR8 yrs809.0015.25
Jefferson's ReserveT15 yrs90.211.0018.00
Elijah Craig Small BatchRNAS946.2510.50

Ryes / TN Whiskey

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Jim Beam RyeR4 yrs805.759.50
EH Taylor R
Town Branch RyeRNAS10011.0018.50
Jack DanielsTWNAS805.509.00
Angel's Envy18 mths.10013.5022.50
Rittenhouse RyeRNAS1005.759.50
Bulleit RyeR4 yrs906.0010.00
Templeton RyeR6 yrs91.58.2514.00
Whistle Pig RyeR10 yrs10014.2524.00
Michters R2yrs75811
SazeracR4 yrs9068

*Limited/Very Small Batch | T – Traditional | W – Wheated | R – Rye | TW – Tennessee Whiskey | NAS – No Age Statement (Distiller Does Not List Age)