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Weekly Specials

Soup of the Day
Cream of Mushroom

Available for a limited time.


We aren’t responsible for the heat in these fresh jalapeño peppers stuffed with chicken, bacon & cheese, topped with cilantro cream sauce & pico de gallo - 10.09

Fresh potato chips topped with tomatoes, warm blue cheese sauce, bacon, red onion & jalapeños - 10.09

Slow roasted pulled pork topped with coleslaw & served with french fries - 10.19

5 large crispy shrimp tossed in your choice of mild, hot or insane sauce, served with a carrot & celery heart salad & ranch - 11.89

Soup & Salad

Kale, shaved Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, apple sticks, carrots, candied walnuts & fresh mozzarella tossed in a sweet & spicy vinaigrette - 11.59

Iceberg & romaine topped with chicken, baby tomatoes, avocado, boiled egg, bacon & blue cheese with a truffle ranch - 13.79

Romaine with garlic croutons, fresh grated Parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing - 9.99

Iceberg & romaine topped with our cheeseburger*, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, tater tots, special dressing & topped with organic frizzled onions - 14.29

Big Plates

The Original (v) - Cavatappi Pasta, 4 cheeses & caramelized onions - 13.29

Buffalo Chicken +2.50
Pulled Pork +4.50

Our fresh ground beef, vegetable medley & house-made mashed potatoes & gravy topped with organic frizzled onions - 15.79

Crispy fried Wild Alaska Pollock & fancy fries served with coleslaw & tartar sauce - 16.29


Our fresh, never frozen, chuck is hand-cut by our butchers and ground in-house within hours of hitting your plate. Order “Some Pink” or “No Pink.” Comes with your choice of fancy fries or organic mixed greens. Substitute a hand-formed plant-based patty (v/gf) for 2.79 extra.

House ground beef patty, smooth peanut butter, bacon jam and melted American cheese - 13.99

Available For A Limited Time. Dine-In Only.

Bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg & spiced maple aioli on a croissant bun - 14.29

Sautéed mushrooms, mushroom spread, truffle mayo & Swiss cheese - 13.79

Spicy mustard, lettuce, pickles & cheddar on a pretzel bun - 13.79

A fried egg, avocado & Kalamata olive mayo - 14.39

Our sliced steak, garlic mayo, mushrooms, onions & American cheese sauce - 14.69

Half pork, half beef burger with bacon, lettuce, pickles, cheese, tomato, mustard & mayo - 13.59

Bacon, American & cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard & mayo - 14.79

Ground pork, bacon, spicy mustard, cheddar & pickles - 13.39

Fresh ground chicken burger, mozzarella, roasted tomato, roasted red pepper sauce & pesto - 12.79

House-ground turkey with lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado & mayo - 13.39


Fancy Fries (gf) – 4.29
Tater Tots (gf) – 4.29
Fresh Potato Chips (gf) – 4.29
Sweet Potato Fries (gf) – 4.29
Truffle Fries – 4.29
Parmesan Fries (gf) – 4.29
Green Fries (v/gf) – 4.29

Disco \dis-koh\ your side + $.99
verb: to cover any item with gravy and house-made cheese sauce for extra goodness.

Lil’ Tots Menu


Mini Burgers (beef or chicken)
with or without cheese
Grilled Cheese (v)
Chicken Fingers (gf)

all sides are gluten-free

French Fries
Carrot Sticks
Tater Tots
Potato Chips

Milk / Chocolate Milk


Flourless double chocolate cake filled with vanilla mousse and dipped in chocolate ganache - 6.75

Topped with a bourbon caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream - 6.75

With seasonal toppings - 6.75

Jumbo homemade chocolate chip cookie, topped with three scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry - 6.75



Draught List

Cigar City Frost ProofWitbier6.0%FL6
Twisted TeaHard Iced Tea5.00%OH5.5
Back East PorterPorter6.00%CT6.25
Brewery Legitimus Sindicat Clusterfruit *Sour4.80%CT8
BBC Steel RailPale Ale5.20%MA6.5
Woodchuck Pearsecco *Cider6.00%VT6.5
Industrial Arts WrenchNEIPA7.10%NY6.5
Sam Adams Winter LagerBock5.6MA6.5
Beer'd Dogs and Boats *DIPA9.10%CT7
Thomas Hooker Nor'easterLager6.00%CT6.5
Singlecut Eric More Cowbell! *Nitro6.00%NY7.5
Kent Falls Glitter Rainbow *IPA6.00%CT7

Beyond Beer

Ace Pineapple Cider (GF)Cider5.0%CA6.50
Downeast Original Cider (C/GF)Cider5.1%MA7.00
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (L/GF)Cider5.0%NY5.75
Truly Seltzer (Select Varieties)Hard Seltzer5.0%MA5.50
Truly Strawberry Lemonade or Lemon Iced TeaHard Seltzer5.0%MA5.50
High Noon (Black Cherry or Watermelon)Hard Seltzer4.5%CA6.50

Truly Bucket

4 Truly Hard Seltzers any Flavor Combination for 20

Bottles & Cans

Allagash White (C) 16 ozWitbier5.10%ME10
Omission Lager (GR)Lager4.60%OR6
Pabst Blue Ribbon (C) 16ozLager5.00%CA4
Allagash TripelBelgian Tripel9.00%ME9
Allagash River Trip (C) 16ozPale Ale4.80%ME9
Sam Adams Wicked Easy (C)Lager4.70%MA5.5
Sam Adams Wicked Hazy (C)NE IPA6.80%MA5.5
Brooklyn Lager (L)Lager5.20%NY6
Black Hog Lager (L/C)Lager5.50%CT6
Victory Prima Pils Pilsner5.30%PA6
Two Roads No Limits (L/C) 16ozHefeweizen5.00%CT7
Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat (C)Fruit4.60%ME5.5
Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale (C)Sour4.90%DE7.25
Stone IPA (C)IPA6.90%CA6.5
Omission IPA (GR)IPA6.70%OR6
Harpoon IPA (C/L) 16ozIPA5.90%MA6.25
Dogfish Head 60 Min (C)IPA6.00%DE6.75
Founders All Day IPA (C)IPA4.70%MI6
New England Sea Hag (L/C)IPA4.90%CT5.75
Blue Point Toasted LagerAmber5.50%NY6
Back East Amber Ale (L/C)Amber5.00%CT5.59
Black Hog Granola BrownBrown5.70%CT6.25
Stony Creek Dock Time (L/C)Amber4.80%CT5.5
Ommegang HennepinSaison7.70%CT8.75

C = Can | L = Local, we define local as brewed within 120 miles | GF = Gluten free | GR = Gluten removed


KY Straight Bourbon

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Fighting CockT6 yrs1035.008.50
Ezra BrooksTNAS805.008.50
Wild Turkey 101RNAS1015.759.50
Henry McKennaT4 yrs805.008.50
IW HarperTNAS825.759.50
Rebel YellWNAS805.258.75
Maker's MarkWNAS906.2510.50
Maker's 46WNAS948.2513.75
Jim BeamR4 yrs805.509.00
Old GrandadR8 yrs865.258.75
Jim Beam BlackR8 yrs865.759.50
Wild TurkeyRNAS815.509.00
Jim Beam Devil's CutRNAS905.759.50
Four Roses YellowRNAS805.258.75
Old ForesterTNAS865.509.00
Town BranchTNAS807.5012.50

Single Barrel

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Four Roses SingleRNAS1008.5014.00
Evan Williams SingleT9+ yrs86.66.2510.50
McKenna SingleT10 yrs1006.7511.00
Jim Beam SingleR6 yrs957.5012.50
Wild Turkey Kentucky SpiritT9 yrs1019.2515.50
Knob Creek SingleT9 yrs1209.2515.50

Small Batch

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Noah's MillRNAS1149.0015.00
Russell's ReserveT10 yrs907.0011.75
Baker'sT7 yrs10710.0016.75
Michter's Small BatchRNAS91.48.0013.50
Four Roses Small BatchRNAS906.5011.00
Woodford ReserveRNAS90.46.2510.50
Knob CreekT9 yrs1007.5012.50
Rowan's CreekT12 yrs1016.5011.00
Basil Hayden'sR8 yrs809.0015.25
Rebel Yell ReserveWNAS90.66.2510.50
Elijah Craig Small BatchRNAS946.2510.50
Jefferson's ReserveT15 yrs90.211.0018.00
Hudson Baby BourbonT>4 yrs9210.0017.00

Ryes / TN Whiskey

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Jim Beam RyeR4 yrs805.759.50
Old OverholtR3 yrs805.258.75
George DickelTW10 yrs905.759.50
Jack DanielsTWNAS805.509.00
Gentleman JackTWNAS806.2510.50
Rittenhouse RyeRNAS1005.759.50
Templeton RyeR6 yrs91.58.2514.00
George Dickel RyeRNAS925.759.50
Town Branch RyeRNAS10011.0018.50

*Limited/Very Small Batch | T – Traditional | W – Wheated | R – Rye | TW – Tennessee Whiskey | NAS – No Age Statement (Distiller Does Not List Age)

Try A Threesome

Professionally Selected For You

KY Straight - Four Roses Yellow, Fighting Cock, Jim Beam Black - 10
Single Barrel - Evan Williams, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey KY Spirit - 12
Small Batch - Knob Creek, Rebel Reserve, Michter's - 14


Fall Cocktail Specials

S’mores Martini

Vanilla vodka, Bailey’s, chocolate liqueur & simple syrup with a chocolate syrup and graham cracker rim, topped with a toasted marshmallow – 11

Jack-o-Lantern Old Fashioned

Rye whiskey, pumpkin-spiced maple syrup, Angostura and chocolate bitters with a cinnamon stick and pumpkin candy corn garnish – 10

Cider Mill Margarita

Tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, lime juice and Rogers Orchards apple cider with a cinnamon sugar rim & garnished with a cinnamon stick and apples – 9

Apple-y Ever After

Bourbon whiskey, applejack starlight, apple cider, cinnamon simple syrup, lemon & Angostura garnished with a green apple & and caramel rim – 10
Prickly Pear Margarita
Espolòn Blanco Tequila, orange liquor, house-made sour mix & prickly pear syrup with a sea salt rim - 10
American Mule
The cocktail that made vodka drinkable, plus it comes in a really cool copper mug. Tito’s Handmade Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime - 9
Benjamin Button
Am I getting younger or is that the bourbon talking? Rebel Yell Bourbon with orange blossom honey and fresh lemon juice - 9
Warning! Tastes like juice, feels like vodka. House-made blueberry infused Tito’s Handmade Vodka - 9
Whiskey Smash
Minted lemonade over shaved ice with a little Maker's Mark Bourbon. It’s like sitting on your porch swing on a warm summer’s day - 9
Skinny B
A light and refreshing low-calorie favorite. V-One Organic Vodka and soda with muddled oranges and lemons - 8
The Older Fashioned
The original, pre-Prohibition style, before we had to add fruit to mask the taste of bathtub booze. This Elijah Craig Small Batch cocktail is a long way from the gasoline of the past - 9


White Wines (6oz / 9oz / bottle)
Twisted (CA) - Chardonnay - 6 / 8 / 22
Twisted (CA) - Pinot Grigio - 6 / 8 / 22
Chateau Ste Michelle (WA) - Rose - 8 / 11.75 / 31
Chateau Ste Michelle (WA) - Chardonnay - 7.5 / 11.25 / 28
14 Hands (WA) - Sauvignon Blanc - 7.50 / 11.25 / 28
Toad Hollow (CA) - Chardonnay - 8 / 12 / 24
Brotherhood (NY) - Reisling - 8 / 11 / 30
Beringer (CA) - White Zin - 5.50 / 7.50 / 20
Red Wines (6oz / 9oz / bottle)
Twisted (CA) - Merlot - 6 / 8 / 22
Twisted (CA) - Cabernet - 6 / 8 / 22
Noble Vines 337 (CA) - Cabernet - 9 / 12 / 34
Angeline (CA) - Pinot Noir - 8 / 11 / 30
Farmhouse (CA) - Cali Red - 7 / 10 / 26

No Booze Here

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale - 2.79
Organic Iced Tea - 2.79
Lemonade - 2.79
Organic Coffee or Decaf - 2.79
Organic Hot Teas - 2.79

We are committed to offering the highest quality food and drink that you’ve come to expect, in a responsible, safe and healthy manner. That includes this contactless menu. We take great pride in providing only the highest quality meat, poultry, fish and produce for our menu. Click here to learn more. Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs reduces the risk of food borne illness. *These items may be cooked to your liking. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. GF = Can Be Prepared Gluten Free V = Vegetarian