Plan b Milford Menu

Plan b Milford Menu

Weekly Specials

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Cocktail Special - Cold Cut Espresso Martini 12.00
Few Cold Cut Bourbon with Coffee, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, Cinnamon/Nutmeg Simple Syrup and Espresso
Dessert Specials -
B-Cup 6.75
Pineapple Cake - 6.75
Brownie Sundae - 6.75
Funnybone 6.75
Nip Special - Jack Daniels Triple Mash
Nip - $9.50 3Fingers - $14.50
Nip Special - Jack Daniels Bonded
Nip - $9.00 3Fingers - $14.00

Available for a limited time.

Draught List

Mayflower " Nitro Porter" Nitro Porter5.5%MA8.00
Founders " All Day" Session IPA4.7%MI7.00
Zero Gravity "Oktoberfest"Marzen Lager5.4%VT7.50
Berkshire Brewing Co. "Turkey Trotter" (G)Brown Ale7.5%MA7.50
Harpoon "UFO Florida Citrus"Wheat5.3%MA7.00
Housatonic "Less Gentle" (G)IIPa8.5%CT8.00
Bud Light Lager 4.2MO4.00
Cisco "Gripah"IPA5.5%RI7.00
Goose Island "Lemonade Shandy"Shandy4.2%IL7.50
Alvarium "Scorpion Bowl" (G)Sour8.2%CT8.5
Sam Adams "Oktoberfest"Oktoberfest 5.3%MA6.50
Burlington " Elaborate Metaphor"Pale Ale 5.4%VT7.50
Golden Road "Mango Cart"Wheat4.0%CA7.50
Downeast " Creamsicle" Cider5.0%MA8.00


KY Straight Bourbon

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Fighting CockT6 yrs1035.008.50
Wild Turkey 101RNAS1015.759.50
Rebel YellWNAS805.258.75
Maker's MarkWNAS906.2510.50
Maker's 46WNAS948.2513.75
Four Roses YellowRNAS805.258.75
Old ForesterTNAS865.509.00
Jim BeamR4 yrs805.509.00
Jim Beam BlackR8 yrs865.759.50
Jim Beam Devil's CutRNAS905.759.50
BulleitR6 yrs906.0010.00
Wild TurkeyRNAS815.509.00
High West American PrairieT2-13 yrs929.0011.25
Town BranchTNAS807.5012.50
Widow JaneR7 yrs9113.7523.00

Single Barrel

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
McKenna SingleT10 yrs1006.7511.00
Willet Pot StillTNAS947.2512.25
Jim Beam SingleR6 yrs957.5012.50
Four Roses SingleRNAS1008.5014.00
Wild Turkey Kentucky SpiritT9 yrs1019.2515.50
Knob Creek SingleT9 yrs1209.2515.50

Small Batch

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Johnny DrumNANAS1015.257.50
Kentucky VintageNANAS905.006.75
Woodford ReserveRNAS90.46.2510.50
Elijah Craig Small BatchRNAS946.2510.50
Rowan's CreekT12 yrs1016.5011.00
Four Roses Small BatchRNAS906.5011.00
Russell's ReserveT10 yrs907.0011.75
Knob CreekT9 yrs1007.5012.50
Michter's Small BatchRNAS91.48.0013.50
Noah's MillRNAS1149.0015.00
Basil Hayden'sR8 yrs809.0015.25
Baker'sT7 yrs10710.0016.75
Jefferson's ReserveT15 yrs90.211.0018.00

Ryes / TN Whiskey

Mash BillAgedProofJust a Nip3 Fingers
Jack DanielsTWNAS805.509.00
Gentleman JackTWNAS806.2510.50
Jim Beam RyeR4 yrs805.759.50
Old Overholt RyeR3 yrs805.258.75
High West Double RyeR2-7 yrs925.5012.00
George Dickel RyeRNAS925.759.50
Bulleit RyeR4 yrs906.0010.00
Old Forester RyeRNAS1007.2510.50
Knob Creek RyeRNAS1007.5010.50
Michters RyeRNAS858.0011.50
Templeton RyeR6 yrs91.58.2514.00
Town Branch RyeRNAS10011.0018.50
Whistle Pig RyeR10 yrs10014.2524.00

*Limited/Very Small Batch | T – Traditional | W – Wheated | R – Rye | TW – Tennessee Whiskey | NAS – No Age Statement (Distiller Does Not List Age)

Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday: 12-9 PM

Tater tots topped with bacon, cheddar jack cheese, gravy, and a fried egg – 9.99

Pork patty topped with cream cheese, bacon, egg on an everything bagel – 13.99

Two mini pork patties topped with egg, hash brown patty, chipotle ketchup, and cheddar cheese – 13.99

Platter with sausage patties, bacon, hash browns, and two eggs with a side of mixed greens – 12.99

Omelet with up to three add-ins comes with a side of tater tots – 11.99

Options for add-ins:
Tomato, avocado, jalapeno, bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms,
mozzarella, shredded cheddar jack cheese, blue cheese crumble, and feta cheese

Mimosa – 5.00
   Bloody Mary – 5.00