Made in America: b Restaurants and Salute American Vodka

In keeping with our commitment to using American-made and especially locally-made products, we decided to feature Branford-based Salute American Vodka in three of the cocktails on our updated Drink List, and in three additional cocktails on our Sunday Brunch Menu.

After our first meeting with Salute earlier this year, the fit between our companies was clear. Salute American Vodka’s mission “to support veterans and other heroes as they work to further their careers, start small businesses, and achieve the American dream” struck a chord with our own entrepreneurial spirit. The first dollar of every bottle sold goes to support organizations that award scholarship money, laptops, work-related equipment and vehicles, provide job opportunities and more to veterans throughout the U.S. “Our country doesn’t do enough for veterans,” company President John Niekrash said. “If the government isn’t going to do it here, we are going to.”

In addition to being distilled and bottled in Rochester, NY, the company uses corn and wheat grains grown in the U.S. Even the labels and the bottles (which are modeled after World War II standard issue GI canteens) are manufactured in New Jersey. The 80-proof vodka, which is distilled four times for a smooth taste is the perfect base for cocktails like the “Made in America” – Salute American Vodka and hand-crafted Rosemary Lemonade.

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We are excited to be working with Salute and we hope you’ll enjoy drinking it at our restaurants! Keep an eye out for the company’s iconic logo RV. It’s already made stops at several of our locations – including the fitting “Taste like ‘Merica BBQ” held at Butchers & Bakers in July. We are looking to involve Salute in several of our upcoming events and company initiatives, so stay tuned for that as well!

Photo Credit: Ronnie Newton,

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About Salute American Vodka:

Salute American Vodka was founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2013. In the first month after launching, the company contributed $25,000 to Work Vessels for Veterans to support a veteran starting a blueberry farm in Florida. In June 2016, the brand was acquired by Handcrafted Brands of Branford, Conn. The vodka is bottled and distilled in Rochester, N.Y. For more information about the brand and its impact, visit: