A Message from the Owners

We are thrilled to introduce our new company blog! We will be using this forum to give our friends and customers the inside track on how we got here, what’s happening now, and our vision for the future. Our path to twelve restaurants (nine b Restaurants, Tisane, The Half Door, and Butchers & Bakers) has been an unexpected one, highlighted by amazing people, fantastic food, and memorable escapades, and more new adventures are just ahead.

Our vision has always been a simple one. We want to create spaces where people from many different backgrounds and experiences can come together and form an impromptu community. Nothing makes us happier than to walk into one of our restaurants and see someone in a suit talking to someone right off the construction site and sharing ideas, perspectives and maybe a drink or two.

As we look towards the future, we are always working to bring our customers the latest in both food and beverage. From the “Backyard BBQ” menu featured at b Restaurants this month to learning how to make the best pizza crust on the East Coast, to serving Moscow Mules and wine on tap, we keep striving to give our patrons the most unique and memorable experiences possible. But even as we innovate, we are always firmly rooted in our mission of “growing, while staying local”.

These blog entries will be published monthly and will give our community a different insight into our company and its culture. You will hear from our culinary team, our beverage director, the marketing department, from restaurant employees at all levels, and hopefully some of you! We encourage all of you to submit your own ideas for future blog posts.

This blog was eleven years in the making and we are excited to have a more direct means of communicating to those who share our interests. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our company better.

That’s enough for now, but we hope you’ll come back to the site soon and see what we are up to.

Al Gamble
Shawn Skehan

3 thoughts on “A Message from the Owners

  1. My personal journey and fun times started with Al and Shawn at the Cool Moose on Sisson Avenue, Hartford, before it was converted to the beautiful and delicious authentic Irish Pub, The Half Door. My kids and I enjoy the atmosphere and high quality food, coffee and tea at Tisane Euro Asian Cafe. We also make it a point to eat at as many of the different Plan B Restaurant locations during our travels. We have not once been disappointed with the excellent food that is consistent at all Plan B locations, along with top notch service, cheery-friendly atmosphere and classy theme decor. We love pizza. The pizza crust is what makes a pizza worth remembering. Our mouths are watering in anticipation while you learn to make the best pizza crust on the East Coast.

  2. Are you thinking of more plan b restaurants specifically near Boston. I read a while ago about that but wondered. Have a gluten free cousin wanting one near his home south west of Boston.

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